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Dental Services in Oakland

At Oakland Dental Care we provide dental services to patients of all ages in Oakland, NJ. Call us at 201-337-7733 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Our goal is to always help our patients maintain good oral health and care for and protect their natural teeth.

Maintaining oral health includes good home care and regular visits to our office for preventive care, such as oral examinations and dental cleanings. We offer thorough examinations of the mouth, teeth, and the surrounding gum tissues, as well as supporting bone structures, to help with early detection and treatment of any dental challenges and any dental health conditions.

General Dentistry

All the same, we know that even with the very best dental care, teeth and gums can still be susceptible to cavities, cracks, disease, infection, or other issues. With that in mind, our restorative dentistry care is designed to successfully repair the function and integrity of tooth structure and function, so that we can preserve your dental health, and help you maintain a natural smile. We also offer periodontal procedures, such as scaling and root planing.

Restorative Dentistry

At our office we provide cosmetic dental procedures as well, with a focus on both the health and function of your teeth and on aesthetics. We want you to maintain great oral health and help you achieve the beautiful appearance you deserve, along with the confidence to smile often!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Other Services We Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer dental implants?

We offer single dental implants as well as mini implants, implant supported bridges and dentures, and a full arch supported by four implants. Dental implants replace tooth roots as well as the tooth itself, strengthening the jaw and preventing bone loss. They provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth. We’re happy to discuss implant options.

Can you tell me what Same Day Crowns are?

Same day crowns mean that no longer does the process of placing a crown have to take multiple days. With our in-office technology, we can create and palace a crown in just a single visit. We use a digital scanner in order to create an impression of both your teeth and gums. From that impression, the restoration or restorations we create are designed using our state-of-the-art advanced 3D computer technology. A new crown is constructed from a solid piece of tooth-colored, durable, porcelain. It’s that simple!

Do you offer help for my sleep apnea?

Yes, we are happy to help you resolve sleep apnea and snoring issues. We offer effective oral appliance therapy which fits in your mouth, pushing your lower jaw forward, so as to help keep your breathing passage open and unobstructed while you are asleep. We can also advise you on lifestyle and diet changes, and other treatment options. We have complete resources for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea right here in our office.

Can you treat my children as well as the rest of my family?

Yes, we provide a full range of pediatric dental services for your children. We offer cleanings, comprehensive oral exams, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments as appropriate for your child’s age. We also offer custom fitted mouth guards to protect your child during team sports play.

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