What Material Is Used For Same Day Crowns?

Crowns are an excellent treatment option for many dental patients to enhance the look of the smile. Perhaps you have thought about improving your smile with a crown in the past but didn’t want to spend the time coming in for two appointments or didn’t want to wait that long to have your smile fixed. Same day crowns offer a convenient and quick alternative and can have you walking out of our office in a single day with your brand new smile. If you are considering this option, you may wonder what kind of material is used for same day crowns.

How are Same Day Crowns Made?

Before same day dental crowns were invented, a patient experiencing the discomfort of a damaged tooth had to make several visits to their dentist, wear a temporary crown, and wait for a traditional porcelain crown for days or even weeks.

However, thanks to the introduction of Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) technology and advancement in 3D, these patients can now have a crown designed, milled, and placed in just one day at the dentist's office.

Same-day crowns are created with 3D imaging and CAD technology. With the help of a specialized intraoral camera, your dentist will make a 3D image of your damaged tooth. They use this image to create a model for the crown.

Next, the dentist uses a CEREC machine to make the same-day crown. When the crown is complete, the dentist can place it on the affected tooth. The entire process only takes about one to two hours.

Same-Day Crown Materials

Same-day crowns are crafted from a strong, thick ceramic block. Ceramic is ideal for creating same-day crowns because of its strength, longevity, gloss, and appearance, which makes it look like a natural tooth.

The same-day crown will be similar in size and shape to your natural tooth. But it is hollow on the inside and has an empty space within it to encase an injured or damaged tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Crowns

What are Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns are full porcelain crowns crafted and fitted, all during a single dental visit. These crowns are designed to look and fit like natural teeth and are stain-resistant.

How are Same Day Crowns Different From Traditional Crowns?

Traditional crowns usually require two appointments. During the first appointment, the provider prepares the tooth and takes molds. At the second appointment, they fit the actual crown. Same-day crowns use a particular device to take photos of the teeth, which are then used to create a 3D model for the crown.

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